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Hosted by Aasin and Cheyanne Willeto

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Understandably Awkward is a podcast centered around talking about topics related to Pop Culture. Mainly reviewing tv shows, movies, animes that we’ve watched. Hosted by me, Aasin Willeto, and Cheyanne Willeto, my annoying little sister, we upload every Monday, Wednesday, and every 2nd & 4th Friday. Hey UA here sorry we didn’t upload this Monday but we’re back at it again with another Pop Culture Wednesday.

UA started on February 21, 2021 mostly because we wanted to make something of our own and share our thought on what we enjoy. Podcasting is a new to both of us but we do hope those who will listen in can enjoy our awkward episodes.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

“They’re GREEAAAAT!”

— Tony the Tiger

Rating: 3 out of 5.

“I’m getting paid for this, right?”

— Leland the Sheep

Latest Episode

We Are Understandably Awkward

Released April 22nd, 2021 Hosted by Aasin Willeto & Cheyanne Willeto So we wanted to make a short clip of what our show is about so that you guys can know what we are pushing out in our episodes. Understandably…More


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